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On plastic raw material , we use 100% virgin HDPE or more advanced and high cost technology to recombine it for reducing the cost but stand still the good quality .
On production ability , we own 24 injection machines from the biggest 50000 grams to 20000 grams, we daily use about 50,000 kg plastic raw material , maximum to 80,000 kg , can meet a variety of request from the clients as well as reduces much on delivery time .
On associated equipment for production , we spent large amount of money to equip the robot for all injection machines , with its stability and efficiency , we reduced much time on production and more stable quality on products .
On quality of products , we have our own lab and advanced test devices to make sure all products are qualified . Our products have ISO, SGS, EN840 certificates.
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Tel:+86 25 83249987
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