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ATY-131330 Four barrels of leaking spill pallet

Item Code: ATY-131330
Spec (LxWxH): 1300*1300*300mm
Load Bearing 3000kg
Leakage 260L
Applicable models Motor/ Manual forklift
Product nameSizeBearingLeakageApplicable models
Two barrels of leakage spill platform1300*680*150mm1400kg80LMotor forklift
Four barrels of leakage spill platform1300*1300*150mm3000kg150LMotor forklift
Two barrels of leaking spill pallet1300*680*300mm1400kg120LMotor/ Manual forklift
Four barrels of leaking spill pallet1300*1300*300mm3000kg260LMotor/ Manual forklift
Single barrel of leaking spill platform680*680*150mm 700kg 40LMotor forklift


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