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ATY-136815 Two barrels of leakage spill platform

Item Code: ATY-136815
Spec (LxWxH): 1300*680*150mm
Load Bearing 1400kg
Leakage 80L
Applicable models Motor forklift

Ai Shun Plastic provides a range of drip trays for use with 25 litre, 200liters and other size drums. These provide a safe bunded environment for your oil, chemical and other liquid drums.

Drip trays can also be placed under machinery; including generators and manufacturing equipment to collect any drips and prevent from spreading across flooring.

The use of drip trays help maintain a safe working environment, prevent the spread of spills and possible damage to flooring. By containing liquids within the drip tray clean up time is significantly reduced.

Product nameSizeBearingLeakageApplicable models
Two barrels of leakage spill platform1300*680*150mm1400kg80LMotor forklift
Four barrels of leakage spill platform1300*1300*150mm3000kg150LMotor forklift
Two barrels of leaking spill pallet1300*680*300mm1400kg120LMotor/ Manual forklift
Four barrels of leaking spill pallet1300*1300*300mm3000kg260LMotor/ Manual forklift
Single barrel of leaking spill platform680*680*150mm 700kg 40LMotor forklift


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